Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Quite The Buffet Of Horror!

Somewhere In The Shadows
136 pages
$2.99 Kindle version

This anthology includes a mix of authors and genres filled with suspense and horror:

ADAM'S RIBS by Andrez Bergen: Vampire flash fiction. Humorous in a good way.

BLOOD LINE by Amber Keller: Werewolf flash fiction. Sad, but entertaining.

D.A.V.E. by Dean Giles: One of the best in this collection - a sci-fi tale that would impress both Ray Bradbury and Stephen King.

ON THE AIR by Jonathan D Allen: One of the scariest stories in the book - I'm afraid of going into my own shed now.

THUMBING IT by Marissa Farrar: Great horror story with classic elements.

HIGHWAY by Andrew Cyrus Hudson: I wish it was longer - LOVED IT!!

GOING VIRAL by Craig Jones: Fantastic zombie story!

CHARLATAN by C.M. Humphries: Great mix of suspense, mystery, action & horror.

WORDS by Dan H. Kind: Made me nervous to read it on my Kindle.

I recommend this collection to any horror/sci-fi fan.

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