Friday, May 15, 2015

The Worst Customer Service

The Phone Company
by David Jacob Knight
425 pages
$.99 Kindle version

HELLO, I AM THE TETHER - The Phone Company has been around for a long time. As civilization grew, so did PCo’s power, slowly spreading its lines across the continent. Today it’s in everything. It’s in the air around us.

I CAN TRACK YOUR KIDS FOR YOU - Now PCo is building a cell tower in the isolated town of Cracked Rock, Montana, bringing with it infrastructure, opportunity, and the world’s smartest phone: the brand-new Tether.

I CAN SPY ON YOUR NEIGHBORS - But the Tether isn’t just a phone. It knows everything about you. It can give you anything you want. It can even connect you with the dead.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET CONNECTED - As the Tether digs up the town’s dirtiest skeletons, one father must make a stand to save what’s left of his family, his town, and humanity itself—or succumb to his own desires.


PCo is a phone company that hands out "Tethers" to the townfolk of Cracked Rock. The apps are truly frightening - scarier than any horror monster. In addition to the extremely disturbing nature of the technology, there is a madness within this story that reminds me of Stephen King's Needful Things (a thought I had BEFORE one of the characters actually referred to the apps as "needful things").

The Phone Company could easily be the result of a three-way between Stephen King, Steve Jobs and HP Lovecraft, but it is the twisted creation of David Jacob Knight. As with The Pen Name, Knight has a talent for perverting reality into a nightmare that you'll never forget.

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