Thursday, June 4, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Intrigue, Tragedy and Love

A Triple Knot
by Emma Campion
480 pages
$7.99 Kindle version

Joan of Kent, cousin to King Edward III, is going to be betrothed to a potential ally, but she is not resigned to her fate as a political pawn, especially after her father's execution at the hands of her own kin. She then pledges her love to another man.

Reading historical fiction has always been a personal indulgence of mine, but I get nervous selecting a novel by an author that is unknown to me. Luckily, Campion has an excellent writing style. She allows the emotions of her characters to tell the story, and this works quite well for a plot centered on the drama of personal relationships and unwanted love triangles.

Even when the POV switched between characters, there were no jarring moments as the story flowed between secrets, confessions, confrontations and revelations.

I wouldn't dare compare Emma Campion to Philippa Gregory...I think Campion deserves to be recognized as a talented storyteller in her own right.

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