Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Try Listening

by William Kent Krueger
narrated by Will Patton
27 minutes

Bums is a short story from the collection Twin Cities Noir.

There's something to be said for a talented actor providing the narration: Will Patton brings the characters to life, bringing attention to the various moods and emotions with every word.

As for the story itself, "The Professor" shares the tale of "Kid," a fellow homeless man that is unknowingly manipulated into a terrible situation. The Professor is an introspective man, torn between avenging Kid and using the incident to improve his own homeless situation. Readers are given just enough information about the characters to form a solid idea of what the people are like, but without wasting time on lengthy descriptions. Krueger shows his writing strength by revealing the dark side of human nature and the chance for redemption in just a small dose of storytelling.

If you enjoy stories by James Lee Burke, you'll probably enjoy this short by Krueger.

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