Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday Suspense: Ammon's Horn

Ammon's Horn
by Stan Timmons
270 pages
$5.99 Kindle version
(I read this once before, but couldn't find the review I wrote for it, so I decided to re-read this novel.)

Gemma is a reporter in a relationship with a cop named Danny; the two of them connect several murders and multiple acts of violence to a virus nicknamed the "Noids. The virus attacks part of the brain, making the infected think their fears are very real. The virus mutates and becomes airborne, quickly overwhelming the eastern seaboard in the U.S., triggering a westward exodus. Danny and Gemma drive to California, to join the Fear Factory, hoping to find answers and an antidote within the secret organization.

Mostly told from Danny's POV, with a few glimpses of Gemma's POV, as well as other victims, readers will begin to wonder if one (or both) of the main characters is under the influence of the virus. The twist at the end is so subtle, it's elegant. I couldn't predict the ending - even the 2nd time around, since I had first read this a long time ago.

I haven't read Stan Timmons before or since this novel, but his permanently on my list of talented authors who know how to create a thrilling horror-suspense story.

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