Saturday, January 16, 2016

Sick Story For Saturday

Tentacle by Caleb Deschain
When I first came across this book (no pun intended), there was NOTHING about erotica in the description. I honestly thought this was just going to be a horror story like the movie Deep Rising. Imagine my surprise...

Tentacle by Caleb Deschain might prove popular with certain Japanese Anime fans, but not sure how other horror fans are going take this. Tammy, a junior researcher at a biotech corporation, wakes up in a concrete chamber with partial amnesia...and she is NOT alone. Subject #8472, a bioengineered life form, rises from the dark pool within the chamber and violates Tammy in some rather explicit ways. DEPRAVED SEXUAL CONTENT, interspecies rape - you have been warned.

Aside from the subject matter, I approached this story the way I would with any other. I found the repetition of phrases annoying; the dialogue could have been better. Additional editing would have improved this story. Regardless of genre or target-audience, a story should not resemble a rough draft full of typos.

Instead of spending so much effort on the details of the graphic sexual assaults on the female and male characters, the author should have spent more time developing the characters. For example, I don't know any guy who, regardless of how many Fleshlights he owns, would stick his member into a squid's mouth just because his boss told him to.

Despite my disgust, I have to admit the ending was pretty good - better written than the rest of the story. I gave three stars for creativity.

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