Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Tuesday Twist: Devil Inside

Kenya Moss-Dyme presents a page-turner about a young woman's harrowing journey through cancer treatment at the hands of a beguiling nurse who gives her more than the normal care. The tormented patient morphs into something unrecognizable, as the mystery unravels and she unleashes a surprise of her own for the twisted nurse upon her return.

Devil Inside by Kenya Moss-Dyme is about a woman named May, receiving chemo treatment and experiencing unusual side effects. Dawn, May's neighbor, is desperate to discover the fate of her missing cats. The build-up is really slow and the timeline jumps back and forth without warning, which took away from the suspense, unfortunately. Yareema, the nurse, is the real mystery.

This story frustrated me - it raised more questions than it answered. This is not the author's strongest work. Daymares has much better stories from Moss-Dyme, with her trademark twist on the dark side of relationships.

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