Friday, March 31, 2017

Friday Feature: A Bite From Silversmith [Review]

Bite No.1: The Old Man at the End of the World by AK Silversmith is a novella in a new zombie series about a gentleman in his 80s trying to survive an outbreak. He forms a group with two other survivors (fellow gardeners of sorts) and together they attempt to form a plan to find safety as their neighborhood is overrun.

I've seen this story compared to the humor in Shaun of the Dead and I disagree with that comparison. I think Silversmith's writing deserves to be recognized for its own strengths.

The characters are quite the assortment, the POV of Gerald is very original and the story is surprisingly dark, despite Gerald's aloof attitude. There is a lot of action in various settings, with a steady pace, making Bite No.1 a real page-turner.

I look forward to the next installment!

As always,


  1. Hi Ursula, I'm delighted you found a moment to read Bite No.1! Thank you so much. Your comments mean a great deal to me - particularly as they come from a zombie aficionado!

    I'm hoping to keep the pace up in Bite No.2 and also introduce a couple of new characters to the assortment - nearly there now. It's good fun to write from Gerald's POV and a great stress reliever ;).

    Thanks again, Amanda