Saturday, April 1, 2017

Saturday Short: Ben Jackson [review]

Ben Jackson by Amanda Linehan would have made a great murder mystery if the ending hadn't been so poorly written. I did enjoy the meat of the story: Ben is killed, Jim has partial amnesia and Kevin is the business partner that ties the three of them together.

I was hooked when Jim lost a day and, while I had my suspicions, I still enjoyed the secrets of Kevin unraveling. However, the ending went from crime drama to Stephen King's Dark Half in no time at all...disappointing, especially when the story had been flowing so well up to the very end.

I think the author had a solid idea for a full-length novel, but she wasted it on a short story format.

I don't usually mention price in a review, but this is not worth $2.99...not with that ending.

However, Father McMahon's Confession is a much better story by Amanda Linehan, and I definitely recommend it.

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