Thursday, May 11, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Zombies vs. Trekkies

Night of the Living Trekkies by Kevin David Anderson and Sam Stall is one zombie book that I'll never forget. Now, the zombies themselves might not be the kind zombiephiles are used to, and the science fiction might not be realistic enough of the sci-fi fans, but this book is definitely a thrilling adventure that will appeal to all kinds of readers.

The prologue begins with two employees, at an underground military facility in Houston, TX, making plans to go to a Star Trek convention; while they’re talking, the security system fails, opening some doors that should have stayed closed. Meanwhile, at a hotel in the same city, Jim Pike is having a bad day that is about to get apocalyptic. Jim is a soldier with serious PTSD, and he’s convinced himself that working as a bellhop will reduce his stress. However, he has to help prepare for GulfCon, an extremely popular Star Trek convention. Jim’s younger sister, Rayna is also attending with some friends.

Before Rayna’s group arrives in the parking garage, the hotel staff is already having trouble with violent hotel guests, and employees keep going missing. Jim’s instincts are screaming at him that something horrible is happening, but by the time he is able to convince anyone else that the problem is not just in his mind, the hotel is overwhelmed by zombies. Jim, with the help of a Star Wars fan, tries to rescue his sister and her friends, while Trekkies are dying all around them.

Star trek fans should know that this isn’t just a horror story set at a convention, but I can’t elaborate without ruining the storyline. Zombie fans should know that the undead are shamblers, but able to move as a group, with a very unusual source of infection, which is spread in a similar manner to 28 Days Later.

I also recommend viewing the book trailer.

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