Sunday, June 11, 2017

Sunday Series: The Nightmare Virus

Desperation by Charles Hash is the first of a planned mini-series called The Nightmare Virus. The desolation and misery drips off every page. The monstrosities are terrifying. I'm not sure why anyone would want to survive. There is also a surprising amount of detail about this fallen world. When I first read this in 2015, it made me wish Hash would write another story based in this apocalyptic nightmare.

He did.

Slow Burn is the second story in The Nightmare Virus world. Readers are introduced to five survivors who managed to make it out of the city. It takes place about two years after the initial fall of the world. The problem with traveling in a group is that there is always the one person who has to ruin everyone's chance to live to see another day. I'm reminded of the crazy church lady in The Mist.

I can't wait for Hash to continue the series...

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