Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Homeless vs. Irish-American Mafia

Daniel Finley is a journalist who wants to bring attention to the issue of the homeless. He decides to live under a bridge for six months as a vagrant, while gathering research for a book that he plans to write. However, during his time with his homeless group, another group of vagrants show up. They are a cult, recruiting more followers, but Daniel does not fully realize their purpose. Two years later, after he publishes his book, not only does the cult reappear in his life, but he finds out that his father is in debt to the local Irish-American mafia. Too late, Daniel finds himself in a territorial battle between the two groups, and what he discovers just might be the death of him.

I enjoyed this novella more than I thought I would. I felt sorry for the main character Daniel though. His heart is in the right place, but the decisions he makes constantly put him and his loved ones in further danger. Just when he manages to escape one danger, he finds himself in a much worse situation. The ending is great, but it seems there might be a possibility of a sequel.

Brian Moreland does a fantastic job of taking a real issue and turning it into a horrific nightmare.

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