Saturday, August 29, 2015

Saturday Shorts: Snack-Size Stories

by Norman Wyle
162 pages
$1.99 Kindle version
Forebodings is a collection of six short stories by Norman Wyle that range from tales of the occult, to a science fiction horror story set in the distant future. Forebodings has something for every fan of the horror, thriller, and suspense genre.

I enjoyed the variety of this anthology:

HE LIVES is a suspenseful story about a horrific decision that has been unearthed.

THE BEST FRIEND is a gruesome tale about a friend who intervenes in a marital dispute.

DO NOT DISTURB is a fantastic vampire story.

THE DINER needs to be a full-length novel; I loved the originality of the monsters, and the story is my favorite.

FOR A BETTER TOMORROW is a sci-fi story about a hopeful discovery turning into a nightmare of epic proportions.

THE DARK RIDERS has a little bit of everything in it, with a strong western flavor - the ultimate showdown.

I hope to read more from Noah Wyle in the near future.

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