Sunday, December 20, 2015

Krampus Schmampus

It's that time of year when all I hear about is Krampus or Elf on the Shelf (oooh - how about a celebrity death mathc between those two?!), so I am reminding horror fans there are some great holiday classics available for those of you who enjoy bumping in the night. (Um...not sure that came out right...)

One of my favorite twists on a familiar tale is a story by Rebecca Brock: A Christmas Carol of the Living Dead, a truly frightening version of Ebenezer Scrooge and his Christmas Eve visits from the three ghosts.

Instead of just adding zombies to the original story, Brock changed up the plot. She immediately writes about "The Uprising," and Marley rises as one of the undead. Scrooge feels people should be more concerned with patrolling the walls than celebrating Christmas, but Scrooge insists on charging for the stone replacements, which no one can the walls grow weaker.

The descriptions of Marley's ghost, and the three Christmas ghosts were outstanding! I loved Brock's visual take on the after-life consequences of the undead infection. The past ghost shows an attack by Scrooge's undead grandmother, a horde of zombies attacking a holiday party, and his ex-fiancé' Belle succumbing to a bite. The present ghost reveals that Tiny Tim had his leg cut off to stop the spread of infection, and the North wall collapses. The future ghost warns Scrooge that he will become one of the zombies, and the Cratchit's try to hold out in their attic...unsuccessfully.

What I found most interesting is that in Brock's version, Scrooge is responsible for the initial outbreak. It was an HP Lovecraft type of twist.

Check back this week for more holiday suggestions.

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