Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walking Dead Theories (Possible Spoilers)

First of all, let me just say what a shit finale that was. Season 6 had a good run, until Negan went Christian Bale on the camera man. And what about the awesome gas mileage of the RV? Don't even get me started on the fact that this group of people still haven't learned how to avoid an obvious trap. Enough with the small talk...

My first theory is about the shot heard around the world. I am convinced that Dwight shot Daryl in the dick. Why? For one thing, Dwight has a special hate for Daryl. For another, Dwight is probably not happy about the injury he suffered at Eugene's teeth. What has me really convinced is the blanket that Daryl has wrapped around himself at the end of the finale, while kneeling down with the others. Why would Daryl be given a blanket, unless he is now a eunich or cold from blood loss?

Many of my theories revolve around the mystery victim who was beaten to death by Negan, courtesy of Lucille.

Throughout the episode, we catch POV flashes of someone locked up, while the RV gang is being herded. So, it stands to reason, that POV belongs to one of the four people that Dwight captured: Daryl, Glenn, Michonne or Rosita.

I don't think it's Daryl. I think he's already been punished with an injury to his manhood. This way, the writers never have to divulge Daryl's sexual preference, and risk alienating a group of Daryl fans.

There's been speculation that it's Glenn because of the comic storyline, and rumors concerning background audio of Maggie and Glenn crying out to each other. However, the show has been deviating from the comic for some time now. Also, I believe the "leaked" audio is just a recording from moments earlier, when Glenn realizes that Maggie is in the kneeling line-up as well. So, I don't think it's Glenn.

Rosita would most likely be recruited to be one of Negan's wives, or considered "soft goods." I don't think Negan would kill off a perfectly good piece of ass, not to mention Rosita's background story which includes performing sexual favors to stay alive. Although, I think, ultimately, Rosita will end up with Eugene, but knocked up with Spencer's baby.

That leaves Michonne. Negan might not advocate raping women, he is not above killing them. I won't mention names, but he does kill two women in the comic. The dredlocks that were attached to a zombie in the undead Red Rover might be foreshadowing. Annnd, in the comic, Negan says a man can be destroyed by "fucking a man's vagina." Rick is number one on Negan's shitlist, and Negan needs to break Rick down.

Possibly, one of the four, or even Eugene, could have been interrogated before the RV group is captured. Someone might have revealed Michonne's relationship with Rick. Last but not least, Rick's love is like the kiss of death.

I think Michonne took it like a champ.

What I really want to know is what has been happening to Tara and Heath. Are they at Hilltop? Or, perhaps Morgan and Carol will find them at the Kingdom. (Armor, horses - you know Ezekiel is making an appearance soon.) Tara doesn't know Denise is dead yet.

I even have a theory about Enid: I think those pickles she gave Maggie were poisoned. I do not trust Enid. However, I think it's possible that Maggie simply has appendicitis. It doesn't always have to be a conspiracy.

I would love to read your thoughts/comments on my theories, and feel free to share your own theories.

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  1. Good theories, Ursula!
    I'm thinking Abraham got the bat.
    I don't think AMC would stand behind a woman getting bludgeoned to death by a male character. So I'm definitely thinking dude, and I'm thinking that dude is Abraham. It's a safe choice, and Kirkman and Co. have been into playing it safe recently.

  2. They showed a guy shooting Carol, so I don't think that they are shying away from male on female violence. Also, they might not ever show the actual bludgeoning, aside from the victim's POV.

  3. Interesting. I think the cable TV viewing public finds shooting a more acceptable form of violence when compared to skull-smashing, which takes on a more medieval quality. Guns, baby - this is 'Murica!
    I hope it's not Michonne. I think she has plenty left to contribute as a character. As for Glenn - I get that. He could go. But I don't think the brain trust will follow the comics that closely.
    Denise met her fate the same way Abraham did in the comics, which leads me to think he gets the bat in the show. I could be (and probably am!) wrong.
    However this turns out, I'm hoping Season 6 saw the end of Kirkman and Gimple's "fun experiments" with these silly teases (Glenn's dumpster "death") and first-person POV mystery cliffhangers. They should take a page out of Game of Thrones and commit to killing their darlings!

  4. Yeah...the character switches amuse me, like Michonne with Rick instead of Andrea. Or how some characters in the comic live longer than the TV counterparts (ex:Sophia).

  5. Watching rerun. Very closely. When showing first person POV it was definitely someone behind Daryl, who was the first person taken out of truck lockbox. Which means, it was definitely either Glenn or Michonne. Rosita was to the side of Daryl.

    I also noticed Daryl has a shitload of blood down his tbroat and all over his chest. I am now wondering if they cut out his tongue or something.


  6. I don't think we can use the order in which we saw Rick and his crew kneeling on the ground to determine who took the mortal beating. On the Talking Dead, douche bag--er, I mean Scott M. Dimple--said that they messed around with the order so that we very intelligent fans could not use the order as a method of determining who had their head smashed.

    That said, I think that it will be Glenn. I think in many ways, they're trying to get the show and comic story lines closer together. I think the whole Glenn may be dead, maybe not debacle was a test to see how viewers would react if Glenn was killed off. So I think this time, Glenn will finally meet his fate.

  7. I'm not basing my theories on where they were kneeling. I am focused solely on the first person POV that is shown during the show.

    If you get a chance to watch it again, pay close attention to when Dwight gets them out of the truck.

    What do you think happened to Maggie, Steven?

  8. I don't think it's about Negan being a badass as much as breaking Rick. Negan had group after group get killed by the Alexandrians. Even though Rick wasn't always present, Negan is holding Rick responsible.

    To put another way, Negan is proving he is a badass by breaking Rick. The death-beating is a means to the end of Rick.