Saturday, April 9, 2016

TWD: What Are They Thinking As They Kneel?

For fans of The Walking Dead (no spoilers):

I was watching yet another rerun of the season finale, and wondered what was going through the characters' minds. I wondered if any of them might be praying.

Not trying to insert my own beliefs or bring ongoing issues into TWD universe...just speculating based on each character's background.

For instance, Maggie was raised in a Christian household. I wonder if she's written that all off by this point. I wonder if she is more terrified for herself, her baby or her husband.

Thoughts on Maggie or the other characters? Thought we could talk about something other than Lucille's victim...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

I Wrote This Today

I am a rock.

Sometimes I am the rock that you trip on, and you want to curse at me.

But, sometimes, I am the rock you pick up. Skip me across the water, I bring fun to your life. Throw me at your enemy, I will take down anyone trying to hurt you. Put me in your pocket, take me home & I will remind you of a good day every time you look at me.

I am a rock.

By Ursula K Raphael

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Walking Dead Theories (Possible Spoilers)

First of all, let me just say what a shit finale that was. Season 6 had a good run, until Negan went Christian Bale on the camera man. And what about the awesome gas mileage of the RV? Don't even get me started on the fact that this group of people still haven't learned how to avoid an obvious trap. Enough with the small talk...

My first theory is about the shot heard around the world. I am convinced that Dwight shot Daryl in the dick. Why? For one thing, Dwight has a special hate for Daryl. For another, Dwight is probably not happy about the injury he suffered at Eugene's teeth. What has me really convinced is the blanket that Daryl has wrapped around himself at the end of the finale, while kneeling down with the others. Why would Daryl be given a blanket, unless he is now a eunich or cold from blood loss?

Many of my theories revolve around the mystery victim who was beaten to death by Negan, courtesy of Lucille.

Throughout the episode, we catch POV flashes of someone locked up, while the RV gang is being herded. So, it stands to reason, that POV belongs to one of the four people that Dwight captured: Daryl, Glenn, Michonne or Rosita.

I don't think it's Daryl. I think he's already been punished with an injury to his manhood. This way, the writers never have to divulge Daryl's sexual preference, and risk alienating a group of Daryl fans.

There's been speculation that it's Glenn because of the comic storyline, and rumors concerning background audio of Maggie and Glenn crying out to each other. However, the show has been deviating from the comic for some time now. Also, I believe the "leaked" audio is just a recording from moments earlier, when Glenn realizes that Maggie is in the kneeling line-up as well. So, I don't think it's Glenn.

Rosita would most likely be recruited to be one of Negan's wives, or considered "soft goods." I don't think Negan would kill off a perfectly good piece of ass, not to mention Rosita's background story which includes performing sexual favors to stay alive. Although, I think, ultimately, Rosita will end up with Eugene, but knocked up with Spencer's baby.

That leaves Michonne. Negan might not advocate raping women, he is not above killing them. I won't mention names, but he does kill two women in the comic. The dredlocks that were attached to a zombie in the undead Red Rover might be foreshadowing. Annnd, in the comic, Negan says a man can be destroyed by "fucking a man's vagina." Rick is number one on Negan's shitlist, and Negan needs to break Rick down.

Possibly, one of the four, or even Eugene, could have been interrogated before the RV group is captured. Someone might have revealed Michonne's relationship with Rick. Last but not least, Rick's love is like the kiss of death.

I think Michonne took it like a champ.

What I really want to know is what has been happening to Tara and Heath. Are they at Hilltop? Or, perhaps Morgan and Carol will find them at the Kingdom. (Armor, horses - you know Ezekiel is making an appearance soon.) Tara doesn't know Denise is dead yet.

I even have a theory about Enid: I think those pickles she gave Maggie were poisoned. I do not trust Enid. However, I think it's possible that Maggie simply has appendicitis. It doesn't always have to be a conspiracy.

I would love to read your thoughts/comments on my theories, and feel free to share your own theories.

As always,