Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Build A Snow Fort Instead

sNOwMAN by Karen A Foster is a brilliant mix of suspense and family drama. This is also the most horrific thing I could have chosen to read this time of year (winter). The way Foster described the snowman and little Amy's reactions to the creature had me freaking out any time someone went near the wretched thing. There are plenty of "no No NO!!" moments to keep readers in a heightened sense of panic for the duration of the story.

The ending is unexpected and the final page is devastating. Foster couldn't shock me more if she showed up at me door and slapped me in the face. I've always enjoyed Foster's work and I'm happy to see she hasn't lost her touch.

I've been slowly building a list of nominees for Top 2018 Short Stories, and Foster's story is definitely making the list. I'm not sure if being a parent makes me more susceptible to these types of stories, or maybe I'm on edge because of all the snow in Michigan...

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