Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Ultimate Illusion

Death Mirror by Cameron Terence appears to be a mild horror story, with some foreshadowing...but appearances can be deceiving. Dean is a rather tedious fellow, about as interesting as his tuna sandwich, who suddenly find his reflection disturbingly independent and hostile. The pace is annoyingly slow as the author drags out Dean's daily thoughts and activities; the action comes and goes in spurts. However, the unexpected turn of events makes it all worth while. I will admit, the author is a damn genius. He planned out every detail perfectly. Well played, Terence. Well played.

I feel like I've been put into place by Cameron Terence. I allowed myself to become overly confident in my ability to predict how a story will play out. What I thought was foreshadowing was bait. I fell for it. The author took me for a ride, tossed me out on my ass and hit me with the car, so to speak. Brilliant. Just brilliant.

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