Friday, February 23, 2018

Dark City, Part 3 of 3

WARNING: I strongly suggest you read my review of the first story, Dark City: Dark Night, before you read this review, as well as the second story, Dark City: Darker Night.

Dark City: Darkest Night by Abe Evergreen takes place two years after the second story ends, followed by several time jumps, two years each time. Most of the focus is on Yima's survival training. As she becomes a teenager, she starts to act out. The ending sucked, mainly for the lack of details of the night's events.

I don't know what in the hell happened to the author. Evergreen did such a great job at building suspense and orchestrating intensely devastating scenes in the first two stories, but the third installment is a fart in the wind compared to the previous events. It didn't help that Yima comes off as a spoiled, ungrateful brat.

I didn't mind the time jumps when I thought they would lead to some serious action, but that never happens. What a disappointing ending to the trilogy.

I'll never understand why an author would change his or her writing style before a series is completed. I'm not even commenting as a a reader, I almost feel betrayed. Maybe I will start calling this Gimple Syndrome.

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