Saturday, February 24, 2018

Kindle Spamming

After a hundred of years of overpopulation and resource scarcity on Earth, the Generation program dispatches its first ship. The large vessel, Generation-01, is destined to colonize the Trappist system, 40 light years away. In transit, however, the crew encounters an unforeseen difficulty, jeopardizing their dreams for a new future. Will they find a solution, or will Generation-01 be pulled into the depths of a massive star?

Gen-01 by Zachariah Wahrer has an interesting concept, but this flash fiction piece pales in comparison to Wahrer's other short stories. It seems like he wrote a few pages of "story" just to advertise his sci-fi novel series. I chose the story to be entertained, but now I feel spammed.

This type of bait and switch is happening more and more with Kindle stories on Amazon, with both short stories and novels...readers expecting a decent story, only to be greeted with promos from the author. Granted, authors can do whatever they like with their e-files, but it's ridiculous when the advertisements take up more space than the actual story.

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