Thursday, February 1, 2018

Reflecting On Reflections

Mirror Lake by Craig Milton recalls the terrifying moment a young boy realizes the reflection in the lake is something more, something sinister. Unfortunately, as an adult, Carl has forgotten the childhood horror and he pays a severe price for losing his grasp on that memory. The setting, the pace, the suspense...everything is well-written, and the ending is so mind-blowing, I sincerely hope the author turns Mirror Lake into a novel.

This story reminded me of the many bad dreams I used to have about dark water, usually in the form of lakes. One in particular stands out because there were other dream people involved. They were enjoying typical water sports, such as water skiing and riding jet-skis. The entire time, I'm freaking out on shore because I just know something dangerous is lying on the bottom of the lake...many somethings...bigger than boats. Sure enough, people were getting dragged below so fast, everyone else just thought they had fallen into the water. Until the screaming one ever pays attention until the screaming begins...

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