Sunday, February 11, 2018

Running On Empty

Release by Alexandre J Wynne is a glimpse into the daily struggle of Ellen, trying to outrun a pack of wild dogs in  a post-apocalyptic world. She is alone after her father is killed by feral dogs, but she eventually finds a new travel companion. Unfortunately, the dogs are still tracking her down.

There isn't really an explanation of what happened to the world or how long ago everything fell apart, but the vagueness allows the reader's imagination to run wild. Ellen's isolation, both physically and emotionally, is absolutely depressing, but adds to the overall setting.

I just wish there had been something more to the story. Reading this is like scraping an empty can for one more bite.

When I see how bad the violence is in my country, with laws and punishments in place, and how little impact the deterrents seem to have, I wonder just how savage people would become if society ceased to exist. I'm not even thinking of the obvious criminals...I'm thinking of the "well-behaved" people who might have a complete personality change if they thought they could get away from anything.

The Purge premise isn't quite what I have in mind either. Those who purge don't have to face any legal consequences, but they still have to face the people they know the next day. If life as you know it is completely over and there's no one left to answer to, how much do you think you would change in attitude alone?

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