Saturday, February 3, 2018

The Devil Is A No-Show

The Devil's Mirror by Jon Lawton features a honeymoon ruined by an antique mirror. A lot of time is spent emphasizing how long the couple had been searching for a mirror, with other unnecessary details. Once they finally return to their hotel room with the mirror, the supernatural moments are few and far between. More attention should've been placed with the mirror, rather than the banter between husband and wife. the ending is very predictable and somewhat rushed through.

When you've read as much horror as I have, it becomes more difficult to find stories without predictable endings. In fact, it's an added bonus if an author is able to shock or surprise me with a turn of events. I don't even mind if I guess the correct outcome, as long as I am uncertain throughout the story. I suppose it's the difference between an author who reveals events indirectly, as opposed to giving a play by play without any mystery or suspense.

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