Friday, February 2, 2018

Not Really A Mirror Story

The Mirror Man by M.S. Dobing is a day by day story about a man's mysterious illness, compounded by ever-increasing confusion. Even though I think I know what took place at the beginning, I am still unclear about events. I'm not sure why this book is listed in the Amazon horror search. There was nothing frightening about it and the suspense is limited. When Stevie realizes what is happening to him, readers should also be enlightened by the author.

I planned on doing a mirror theme for the first week of February, but this story isn't really centered on a mirror...there just happens to be a mirror in the story. I use the Amazon search engine to find short stories to review while I'm reading through a full-length novel, and it's vexing to look through a specific genre, such as horror, only to be misled into choosing a story which doesn't really fit the genre. Horror is full of variety, but the genre requires much more than being vague.

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