Monday, February 19, 2018

When All Your Choices Suck

Last Supper by Eric A. Shelman is the short story of Phil, a man who finds himself trapped in a building, surrounded by the undead and out of supplies. As he contemplates his choices for survival or death, he flashes back to his final moments with his family, before they became sick and infected. No details are provided about the outbreak itself, the story is strictly told from Phil's experience. While his choices seem limited and somewhat predictable, the ending comes as a brutal surprise.

Sometimes a character is so annoying to me, I don't really care if the person lives or dies. I'm not sure if it's due to a lack of interest in the story or the author did a great job creating a believable situation.

The fact is, most people are not going to be highly skilled survivalists, with backup plans for backups plans and the ability to quickly adapt to any situation. Under those circumstances, it stands to reason some characters are not going to be very interesting.

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