Thursday, June 30, 2016

Revenge In The Old West [Book Review]

Robert Dean
The Red Seven by Robert Dean was first released in January 2016, but is quite comparable to a classic western, complete with the lone rider on a mission of revenge to hunt down a villainous posse. There is no complicated storyline. A bounty hunter known as The Ghost finds his family murdered by The Red Seven. Although the group of desperados have disbanded, the main character is determined to kill them all.

I’m not sure I can do this book justice, since I'm not a fan of westerns (unless zombies are involved), but I am impressed with Dean’s ability to keep readers hooked with nonstop action. Not only does he provide a brutal justice with each death, but each showdown is unique. The fight scene with Warchief is my favorite. From one page to another, Dean mixes heartache, despair and the battle of wills.

As much as I was entertained, I had a couple of reservations about The Red Seven. I’m not sure if Dean’s intention is to paint The Ghost as a cold man who is all about business, but he remains something of a mystery. Aside from sympathy for the loss of his family, it was difficult for me to muster any feelings for The Ghost. I also wish there had been a little more physical interaction between The Ghost and his love interest. Maybe Dean was trying to avoid using sexual content as a plot device, but even when The Ghost makes a personal connection with some of the other characters, he seems to remain distant

To be honest, the story reminded me a little of The Outlaw Josey Wales, and I think anyone who enjoys those type of movies will love The Red Seven. The author delivers so many fierce confrontations, readers will feel as if they made the cross-country journey themselves. Robert Dean leaves the novel with an opening for what could be a great western series and allowing The Ghost to be further developed into a true legend of the genre.

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