Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday Mystery: The Deepest Secret

Image result for the deepest secret carla buckleyTwelve years ago, Eve Lattimore’s life changed forever. Her two-year-old son Tyler on her lap, her husband’s hand in hers, she waited for the child’s devastating diagnosis: XP, a rare genetic disease, a fatal sensitivity to sunlight.

Tonight, Eve’s life is about to change again, forever. It’s only an instant on a rainy road—just a quick text as she sits behind the wheel—and another mother’s child lies dead in Eve’s headlights. The choice she faces is impossible: confess and be taken from Tyler, or drive away and start to lie like she’s never lied before.

The Deepest Secret by Carla Buckley lived up to its name, as several secrets are revealed within this novel. Unfortunately, the characters themselves didn't really have any depth to them and the storyline moved at a very slow pace from beginning to end. As if that combination wasn't bad enough, the ending wasn't much of a resolution to the key issue and, with a few loose ends remaining, I failed to be impressed with any of it.

I think if Buckley put as much effort into her characters as she did setting up each scene, the interactions could have been more dramatic. There isn't much suspense to speak of and virtually no action...just one superficial conversation after another. Even when the reader is privy to the thoughts and emotions of the characters, I personally had a difficult time feeling anything for any of them, aside from Tyler's struggle with his disease. If not for Tyler and his role, I'm not sure I could have finished this novel.

I think Buckley attempted to say something about the value of relationships or how far a mother would go for her child, but the message is lost in all the dragged out scenes in which the character interaction is always strained. I couldn't appreciate this novel because it simply didn't make me feel anything, aside from wanting to reach the end, so I wouldn't have to read anymore.

It's not a story I will be recommending to anyone I know.

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