Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday Murder [Book Review]

Apartment 7C by David Bernstein is not quite at the level I've come to expect from this author. If I weren't already a fan, I'm not sure this story would have won me over. Granted, it's a short story, but the characters are flat, almost stereotypical, with no major plot twists...Bernstein can do much better than this.

The story is told through the POV of an elderly woman. She's living next door to a young lady being brutally beaten by her husband. No one dares help the victim because her husband is a detective with some shady connections. What appears to be a case of domestic abuse is revealed to be something more sinister. Unfortunately, Bernstein spends more time focusing on the violence, rather than the secrets that are uncovered.

However, it's well-written, it held my attention from beginning to end and has some unpredictable moments, so Bernstein fans will still want to add this to their collections.

As always,
Ursula K Raphael

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