Saturday, September 9, 2017

Cheryl Has Had Enough

Eaters: The Resistance by Michelle DePaepe takes this zombie series to another level by mixing horror with science fiction. I haven't seen a genre mash-up like this since The Omega Dog, and I think it's an excellent shift by the author. If you're burned out on the whole zombie-apocalypse-changes-average-person-into-warrior scenario, you need to check out the Eaters storyline. Unlike most undead novels, the infected do not take a back seat to the survivors and the "bad guys" and "good guys" often change roles depending on the day's events.

This sequel takes place a few months or so after the first book ends. Cheryl has reunited with people from her past, although the reunions are not what she expected. Fort San Manuel gave her sanctuary after her brutal journey from Colorado to Arizona, but all good things must come to an end, especially when Cheryl realizes she has more than one threat to deal with. As the former insurance agent continues to fight for her life, acquiring as many new skills as she is able to to increase her chances of survival, Cheryl learns how the world-wide outbreak began.

Keeping in mind, over a year has past since Cheryl went camping with Mark, as well as what she went through in the first book, it's not that hard to believe how much she's changed. After losing so much, I can also understand why she is struggling to hold on to what she has left from her previous life. However, I'm concerned she is not going to last much longer if she doesn't find a balance between what she wants for herself and what she wants for everyone else.

I hope DePaepe doesn't take as long to release the third installment.

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