Thursday, July 16, 2015

Throwback Thursday: ZOMBIES

Zombie: The Other Fright Meat
edited by Matt Nord
195 pages
$2.99 Kindle version
Many of the best authors in the genre are in this anthology:

CICADA by Patrick D'Orazio features a timeline that moves with the 17yr life cycle of cicadas in a local area - fabulous hook! And an excellent start to the collection!

THE ZOMBIE PRINCE by James S Dorr is written like a fairytale of the undead. The Grimm Brothers would be disturbed.

FIDAY NIGHT AT THE CHA-CHA GRILL by Matthew R Davis has a unique description of zombies, and an unusual take on how the zombie virus spread.

GREED by Jeffrey A Angus is a great tale of what characters should NOT do...ever.

BRIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD by Thomas M Malafarina has a very different POV that I really enjoyed as a fan of the genre.

CHILDREN OF THE DAMNED by Monique Snyman has a real sweet touch with the vaccination angle in this story.

A GOOD FATHER by Suzanne Robb is extremely disturbing - the way horror is SUPPOSED to be.

NO TIME FOR POETS by William RD Wood is one of my favorites in this anthology; I loved how the author connected the past and present in a post-apocalyptic world. Nice job.

HOW TO DISAPPEAR INTO A ZOMBIE KILLING MACHINE AND NEVER BE FOUND AGAIN by David Perlmutter elicited zero sympathy from me; I really hated the character telling the story.

THE ONCE AND FUTURE AGENT DEAL: A.S.P.A.R.C. STORY by Jason T Countryman is THE MOST UNPREDICTABLE story in the collection.

SAFE by Matt Nord: shame on you, Nord, for teasing readers with such a short piece and not lasting longer!!

BEMOANED, INC. by TL Decay is a story that I could see happening, seriously. Be concerned. Be very concerned.

YOUTUBE: PUNCHING ZOMBIE by Candace Gleave is HILARIOUS! I feel bad about how much I liked this story.

LIEUTENANT JAVORSKY AND HIS ZOMBIE-COMMANDOS by Sean T Page would make a GREAT movie. Get on that, Page.

THE ZOMBIE ARE DUE ON MAPLE STREET by Dale Elster actually gave me a nightmare!

DAY 96 by Matthew Shafeek is a nice bit of flash fiction.

SKELETOWN by Jason M Bloom is one of the most nightmarish, in a VERY perverse way.

FAITHFULLY by Steven McGuire is an entertaining revenge tale.

A NIGHT IN THE ATTIC by Robin Eduardo is told through a child's POV.

Overall, a fantastic collection of all the new directions that authors are taking the zombie genre!

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