Saturday, July 4, 2015

Saturday Shorts: Samuel Brower

Works of Short Fiction
by Samuel Brower
192 pages
$1.49 Kindle version
"Nine works of short fiction by speculative fiction author Samuel Brower, spanning the sub-genres of horror, fantasy, science fiction, and magical realism, and also including a few mashups of these. Brower’s fast-paced and action-packed style of writing will keep you on the edge of your seat during the action scenes, while the more dramatic scenes will warm your heart."

What I love most about this collection is the different locations, time periods and genres among the stories:

A HUNTING IN BALTIMORE, featuring a paranormal investigator, has some frightening moments, and I really liked the character.

A PECULIAR BREW is my favorite in this anthology. It's a beautiful story about a grouchy old man with cancer and his young autistic neighbor.

TARA'S GRAVE is a great piece of vengeful flash fiction.

BENEATH THE WEAVING HILLS SANITARIUM is a supernatural story that didn't interest me as much as the others.

AMONG THIEVES is a very clever and original story about justice.

APRIL FOOLS is another story with paranormal investigator H.H. Horowitz.

LOT 113: BUDDHA STATUE IN LOTUS POSE is a story that I read before, and it's still creepy the second time around.

THE TERROR AT RED RIVER GORGE is about camping gone horribly wrong.

OAF is another one that I've read before, and it is an excellent way to end the anthology.

I already have another of Brower's anthologies on my reading list, so I definitely think horror fans should read his work.

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