Monday, September 28, 2015

Profound Love In Literature

Suddenly, Love
by Aharon Applefeld
240 pages
$12.99 Kindle version
Suddenly, Love by Aharon Appelfeld is a very intimate accounting of the love that develops between an elderly man and his much younger caretaker. There is almost no physical contact of any kind between the two characters and limited conversation, and, yet, what is left unspoken speaks volumes. Although it is a work of fiction, the historical elements add a depth to the characters which brings the two to life on a very personal level.

I'm truly surprised by how captivated I was by this unusual relationship. I don't have a specific reason for choosing this story to read, other than wanting to read something that stands out from the typical mainstream romance novels. The setting is mostly contained to Ernst's apartment and the narration tends to favor Irena's POV. However, as Ernst share his writing with Irena, the literature within the literature is deeply moving...a profound sharing of souls.

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