Thursday, October 29, 2015

Death Is NOT A Sure Thing

This collection has more humor than horror - a dry, dark humor that doesn't appeal to me. By the time the stories become interesting, they're over, so that didn't help. There are a few stories that I really enjoyed: THE DEATH TRAP BUS, A GOOD WAY TO DIE, MURPHY'S INSURANCE LAW, A CHARITABLE DEATH, THE WAR ON HALLOWEEN and TIL DEATH DO YOU PART. If it had been just those stories, I would have given at least four stars, but I felt like I had to trek through a lot of muck to get to the must-reads.

Most of the stories are simply boring - not much change in one plot to the next. Even though there are different POVs, the character development is almost non-existent...people tended to react to the undead in the same nonchalant attitude from one story to the next. However, I am not saying, "don't bother reading this," I'm just saying that this anthology didn't impress me that much.

In all fairness, the horror anthologies that came out this year have been the very best that I've read in my life...the bar has been raised very high, indeed.

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