Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Elster + Trask = Incredible Anthology

Deadsville, a collaboration between T.D. Trask and Dale Elster, is a great collection of suspenseful and horrific short stories. It begins with an undead poem by Trask to set the mood. My impressions of the stories:

THE PIT by ELSTER - regret and revenge
KNACKER MAN by TRASK - the sound of death
WHAT HAPPENED ON BLACK HILL ROAD by ELSTER - the evil version of The Giving Tree
KNEW IT ALL ALONG by TRASK - one of my favorites; premonition of hell
STILL WATER by ELSTER - another favorite; boy makes hard decision
THE OTHER REDEEMER by both - a test of faith
TREE BRANCHES IN THE WATER by TRASK - like a branch in the face
A JOB'S A JOB by TRASK - Hilarious!! Loved it!!
A CRACK IN THE WINDOW by ELSTER - broke my heart
KNOCK KNOCK by TRASK - surprising ending
HEAD SHOT by ELSTER - a great zombie story
THE CHILDREN IN THE MEADOW by TRASK - the most terrifying story in the anthology
DEAD BIRD by ELSTER - an excellent vampire story and a great end to the collection

I think Elster and Trask are great together, and I sincerely hope they write a second volume.

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