Tuesday, February 2, 2016

John Connor Returns

Fifty Percent of Infinity by John A Connor is an interesting assortment of science fiction short stories and flash fiction, with a touch of horror. I have enjoyed Connor’s work in the past, but I had mixed feelings about this particular collection:

STRANGERS IN THE NIGHT shows how alternate realities can literally cross paths.

WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF is an absolutely excellent story, a perfect example of Connor’s talent.

FIFTY PERCENT OF INFINITY is one of my least favorites, but remains a unique concept of mind and body.

MISSING, PRESUMED LOST is an ironic, post-apocalyptic tale.

PORTAL could be taken as either a suicide account or a tale of ascension.

LAIKA is an alien’s best friend.

DREAM, BABY has lots and lots of dialogue, but very little in the way of a plot.

YOU HAVE ONE NEW MESSAGE makes me not want to check my voicemail ever again.

AFFAIR OF THE HEART is a major transplant issue.

MISTAKEN IDENTITY is a long story about first contact.

END OF THE LINE is quite a surprise.

LIVING IN REALTIME is an example of what the imagination can do.

SLOW LANE is a fantastic twist on immortality.

END OF TERM is definitely my least favorite, and not at all what I expect from Connor.

HERE TODAY features an uncertain future.

PICK AND MIX is a time analogy.

WORLD’S END left me wondering if it is real or the best con ever.

INFORMATION OVERLOAD made no sense to me…possibly the author’s intention?

UNQUIET MEALS shows how a space journey can take its toll on the human mind.

I think the reason this anthology didn’t meet my expectations is because there is more flash fiction than short stories, and while the flashes might give readers a thought-provoking and/or entertaining moment, they don’t always deliver a story.

I do recommend that readers check out Connor’s interview here at the Lair.

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