Saturday, July 2, 2016

All Fired Up [Music Review]

I love the album Breathe by Through Fire (from Omaha, NE), but I almost crapped myself when I heard their rock cover of Lights by Ellie Goulding - totally caught me off guard, but completely awesome!

It's not a very long album, but there's a lot of variety within each track:

1) Reborn...wouldn't be the first time an intro was used on a rock album, but I don't think it gives much insight into the album tracks.

2) Breakout is one of the faster songs...the drums are fantastic!

3) Stronger (radio edit) is a great fight song that I think everyone can relate to in some way.

4) Where You Lie is one of the heavier tracks...really enjoyed the vocal change-ups.

5) Breathe is a sweet ballad without being too soft.

6) Take It All Away is one of the darker tracks with a slow, sinister sound.

7) Dead Inside stood out a little more than the other tracks...a bit industrial.

8) Lights...well, already commented...I love this version.

9) Blood On My Hands is another track with a sharp edge...the kind of rock that should be getting more airplay.

10) Damage is an anthem song that'll have you rocking out.

11) Stronger (extended version) has that bonus FU flavor.

12) Breathe (extended version) is as close to a romantic song as you're gonna get.

If you like bands like Pop Evil, Saint Asonia or even We As Human, I'm sure you'll dig Through Fire.

As always,