Friday, November 17, 2017

Judging A Book By Its Cover: The Art of Labat

When searching for stories on a site such as Amazon, many readers pass over titles without even reading the book's description, simply because of the cover. Whether it's an overused stock photo, or a lackluster illustration, a bad cover lowers the author's chance of making a good first impression. In a bookstore (yes, they still exist), where books are often faced out, the front cover determines whether the customer turns the book over to check out the summary and quotes on the back.

The cover is kind of like a snapshot of the story within...the first step in setting the mood for the reader. If the cover doesn't appeal to readers or connect with them in some way, some readers will approach a story with a bad attitude and possibly be more critical of editing issues, etc.. Regardless of genre, most folks will agree: illustrations capture the imagination better than a photograph.

With that in mind, periodically, I will be breaking from my reviews and interviews to feature some of the best visual artists I know...

New Orleans, Louisiana has a reputation of being one of the most unique cities in the U.S., with a history steeped in a rich blend of art and culture, so I'm not surprised that someone as talented as L.M. Labat comes from such a place. Labat has been previously featured as an author, here in the Lair, but her talent reaches far beyond the written word. Not only did she design her own cover for her book, The Sanguinarian Id, the novel also includes several of her illustrations within.

Whether inspired by her own struggles of a broken family life, her near-death experiences or just images sprung from the dark corners of her imagination, Labat has found a way to weave together her knowledge of medicine, psychology and the occult into visual artwork that captivates and enchants the minds of viewers, showcasing her various techniques. Her labors in literature and illustrations serve as a coping mechanism for her ongoing nightmares, as well as entertaining many horror fans.

If you are an author or publisher looking for an artist for your next book jacket, or just a collector of interesting pieces, you can contact L.M. Labat at her Facebook page for more information.

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