Thursday, April 30, 2015

Souza Begins New Path With Unpaved Surfaces

Unpaved Surfaces
by Joseph Souza
341 pages
$3.99 Kindle version

Maine—Maine author Joseph Souza has released a compelling new mystery set in coastal Maine. Unpaved Surfaces (Kindle Press) tells the story of a family still grieving after their son and brother goes missing.
Enter into the life of an ideal family--Auggie is a happy nine-year-old boy whose father, Keith, loves him more than anything. Keith's life seems ideal--until one day Auggie vanishes. A year has passed since Keith's son disappeared, and he's haunted by glimpses of his son appearing in his small Maine town. With the investigation at a dead end and his family paralyzed with grief, Keith worries that he's losing his mind. In a thrilling twist, the case turns in a new direction--a direction that could either heal his family or tear them, and the rest of the town, apart.
Joseph Souza has published five books and has been an Amazon bestselling author. He was awarded the prestigious Andre Dubus Award for short fiction from the University of Southern Maine. He also accepted Honorable Mention from Dennis Lehane for The Al Blanchard Award at Crimebake, New England’s largest crime-writing conference. In 2013 his novel THE REAWAKENING won the Maine Literary Award for Speculative Fiction. In its review of THE REAWAKENING, his award-winning novel, The Portland Press Herald said, “Its impact on a reader reminds me of the old Stephen King classic, The Shining.”
It's very rare to find an author who can write well in more than one genre. I always thought Souza was a talented horror author, but after reading this murder mystery/crime drama, I want Souza to give up the zombies and continue down this road that begins with Unpaved Surfaces.

The cast of characters are extremely well-developed and believable, and switching between their POVs gives the readers a 360 degree view of the impact of the child abduction at the heart of the story.

This novel is guaranteed to take readers on an emotional journey they will not soon forget. I think this story would also make a great movie.
I also recommend his Living Dead series, and his Liger series for zombie fans. ;)

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