Monday, May 4, 2015

Spring Break Gone Wrong

Mules: A Novel
by Jarred Martin
309 pages
$.99 Kindle Version

Mules by Jarred Martin is a story that doesn't need supernatural monsters to scare the shit out of you. Instead, readers are pulled into a landscape filled with serial killers, armed robbers, and many other characters with dark secrets. When two young college girls are abducted, their spring break plans become a thing of the past. One girl is forced across the US border from Mexico, with drugs surgically implanted in her body. She soon realizes that her traumatic childhood just might be the key to saving herself and her friend.

I think this is an excellent novel, but it is one of the most violent, graphic stories I have ever read. Just about every type of violence you can imagine takes place at least once. Some scenes are so detailed, it is hard to stomach. None of it is gratuitous - the point is to show readers how desperate people are to get the things they want...and Martin gets his point across very well.

This is not just a story about drugs, violence and corruption, it is also a story of young woman coming to terms with the way she was raised. The flashbacks and inner dialogue are outstanding, and help bring the emotional turmoil front and center.

I would not classify this as horror. Rather, I would call it a suspenseful thriller with lots of drama. I am very impressed with the author, and I think you will be too.

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