Saturday, May 6, 2017

Saturday Short: Sick. Just...sick.

For The Preservation of the Species by Michael J. Evans should come with warnings for readers..."don't read if you have a fear of bugs"..."don't read if you're pregnant"..."don't read if you're taking a road trip in the countryside"...PROCEED WITH CAUTION...YOU'RE GONNA HAVE NIGHTMARES...YOU'LL NEVER PEE OUTSIDE AGAIN.

Amy and her husband are expecting. She has a surprise for him, so they are on their way to a bed & breakfast in a rural area. They both have to pee. They should've never left the car. Michael J. Evans knows exactly how to exploit people's most primal fears. Evans' monsters make me want to crawl in the sewer with Pennywise.

I dare you to read this on a camping the woods...with no toilet...

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