Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wednesday Wisdom: African Albinos

Then She Was Born by Cristiano Gentili is a novel written to bring awareness to the ongoing plight of African albinos. Gentili is more than an author, he is a humanitarian who travels around the world to offer his assistance with various issues, ranging from natural disasters to the effects of war. One such trip was to Tanzania, to learn first-hand about the living conditions of albinos in Africa. This novel is part of a campaign to give a voice to this persecuted group.

Within these pages, the story follows an African albino girl, Adimu, from birth and through the years of her personal struggle. From her first hour, both parents reject her as a curse, so she is raised by her grandmother. Unable to socialize with anyone in her village, Adimu identifies with the white people who pass through, believing a rumor that her father is actually a nearby white businessman. In addition to Adimu's coming of age tribulation, this novel explores the conflicts between the old traditions and the modern world, as well as the younger generation's attempt to find balance with both ways of life. Adimu and others have to make many hard choices that may or may not end in death. Gentili uses suspense and drama woven with African folklore to create a powerful view of a culture most of us would never even think of.

Although it's not very often, from time to time I do like to review books that bring attention to issues in other countries that don't often reach us in the States. This is one of those times, and I am hoping this review will help the author with his efforts through this novel. If you would like to know more, I strongly suggest visiting the website: #HelpAfricanAlbinos

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