Thursday, May 14, 2015

Throwback Thursday: Chasing Nightmares

Chasing Nightmares
by Adam Millard
292 pages
$.99 Kindle version

Adam Millard has dug into the dark and devilish corners of his mind to provide readers with a buffet of frightening delights that will thrill and traumatize any horror fan.

COFFEE, DEATH, TEA Don't order beer at a coffee shop at ten in the morning. Brilliant start to the collection.

YOU'VE CHANGED, VERONICA LEIGH Truly frightening - Alfred Hitchcock would have loved this one.

DOPPLEGANGER One of my favorites - I had no idea where Millard was going with this, but I enjoyed the ending.

SCREEN 5 A vampire story; different for this particular subgenre.

THE CAGED DOLL I read this in another collection, and it never ceases to impress me. Great hook...even better twist!

FLORENCE'S DIARY Another story that I've read before; POV told through child's diary.

I DREAM OF DJINNY This one actually made me sad!

SHORT LIFE OF SOLITUDE More like flash fiction, but the darkest piece in the collection.

KEEPING UP WITH THE SUTTONS Dramatic and suspenseful.

CARNY Another favorite. Everything about it was completely unexpected.

THE WITCHING-WELL HAG Great finish to a spectacular collection.

I don't think I've enjoyed an author's collection since I read Stephen King's Skeleton Crew.

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