Tuesday, June 2, 2015

A Buffet Of Horror

13 Turns
by Kevin Carr
138 pages
$2.99 Kindle version

This collection includes a dozen stories written by newcomer Kevin Carr: a trapped man, a dog with a special gift, necromancers, death by roller coaster, other dimensions - and that's only some of the stories.

This anthology is great. Several different types of horror are contained within these pages: supernatural, Lovecraft, murder, classic, sci-fi...you get the idea. As Carr explains in his intro, his horror is meant to entertain, and he delivers.

I use Stephen King's writing as a point of reference a lot in my horror reviews, so much so, I worry fellow horror fans will think that's all I read in the 80s, BUT this anthology reminded me of the collections of short stories that Stephen King used to write. Carr appears to be an author who writes horror because he truly loves the genre...he knows exactly how to appease those of us who have literally grown up with the ever-evolving horror genre.

I kind of wish he had left out his notes about his stories, but at least he put them at the end of the book. I'm absolutely recommending this anthology to all horror fans - especially if you want a break from zombies, vampires and werewolves.

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