Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Dolls Are The New Scary Clowns

by William Hage
23 pages
$.99 Kindle version

The Whateley Bed & Breakfast, near the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, is home to a wide collection of curiosities for viewing, including a fancy porcelain doll. However, when the Whateley's latest guest purchases the doll, horrific events begins to unfold.

There are so many stories and movies about demonic dolls that finding a story that stands out is getting more difficult, but Hage did a great job of writing something full of surprises.

I wish the story had been longer, simply because I enjoyed it so much. I think the author could turn it into a full-length novel, especially if he included other character POVs. (There was something about the detective talking about the Jersey Devil that made me think he has his own story to tell.)

I would love to see the author write more stories centered around the bed & breakfast...maybe even a prequel to this story.

Hage is definitely an author to keep on your reading list!

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