Friday, June 12, 2015

Zombie Dystopia

The Zombie Belt
by Gareth Latimer
57 pages
$.99 Kindle version

In the future of England, the south is divided between two warring factions: London and the South East belongs to the Islamic Caliphate of Britain, whilst the South West is the stronghold of the White Alliance. A multicultural promised land called PUK (People's UK) supposedly exists up north. Iwan Edwards is an operative in the White Alliance Army, and falls in love with Leanne Hussein, an activist within the Caliphate.

Set hundreds of years in the future, the United Kingdom has become a battle ground for various human factions, with the North and South divided by a "belt" of undead.

The beginning was a little weak, and some readers may find the stereotypes slightly offensive, but I enjoyed the story. It was quite different than most zombie apocalypse stories, especially with the futuristic setting.

The zombies are more background, with politics and soldiers taking front stage. There are also unanswered questions, such as: what happened to the rest of the world? Was the UK outbreak an isolated event that led to the internal warfare?

If you' re looking for something original, you've found it.

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