Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday Murder: Two Stars [Review]

Let me start by saying that I rarely give reviews below three (out of five) star reviews, but it happens, and it sucks for both the author and me, the reader. I don't ever have the same expectations for short stories that I do for full-length novels, or even anthologies, but, at the very least, I expect to be entertained.

The Midnight Dinner Party by T.G. Emmerson is a story of revenge...except the revenge doesn't even really take place. So many problems with this piece...reads like a rough draft, for one. Story of revenge isn't very original, for another. Worst yet, the damn thing ended with "to be continued...," as if anyone would bother. None of the characters were developed at reason to feel sympathy for the victim's family, no reason to care what happens to the group of attackers. The author needs to find a better way to hook readers and keep them interested. As for me, I'm moving on to better stories...

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