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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Sunday Suspense: The Hunter [Review]

Ben is a normal, hardworking guy. He loves ATVs, the outdoors, and most of all, hunting. While pursing his favorite activity, he shoots and wounds a bull elk. It runs away, and Ben chases deeper into the woods. Instead of the elk though, Ben finds something decidedly creepy, something that changes him forever.

The Hunter by Zachariah Wahrer is great short story. The hook comes in the form of a lost hunter, and, by the time the main character realizes he is in trouble, it's too late for him to help himself. This story has a Cabin In The Woods feel to it towards the end. The Hunter is a story I wouldn't mind being turned into a full-length novel.

There is also another story included, the beginning of a new series, but I was only interested in The Hunter.

Wahrer shows some serious potantial in the suspense genre. He is an author I will be keeping my eyes on...

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