Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Short: Pig People [Review]

I'm still trying to finish a sci-fi novel about time travel, so I decided to grab a short story for Saturday. I should have chosen more carefully...

The Pantomime by Keishi Ando was totally lost on me. The writing is very choppy and there is more description than action. By the time the twist is revealed at the end, I was too confused to be frightened in any way. This might be one of those stories better suited for the screen, rather than print. Virtually nothing is revealed about the main character, so the story seemed pointless.

This is one of those times I have to wonder if the story was originally written in another language and was screwed up in the translation process. The author resides in Japan, so there is that possibility.

Situations like this could be avoided with a good editor. Something to keep in mind.

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