Friday, April 28, 2017

Friday Night Feature: Chicago Undead

Chicago Undead: On The Eleventh Floor by Shawn Weaver is a great glimpse into a zombie outbreak set in downtown Chicago. Weaver wastes no time setting up the story, and he delivers a realistic introduction to the main character waking up from a severe flu, only to discover all hell breaking loose in the streets below his apartment. The survivor, Robin, eventually decides to make a stand on the eleventh floor.

There is a lot of unpredictable action, which keeps the story flowing at a quick pace. The ending was a shocking surprise. The perfect zombie short story from beginning to end. I wasn’t expecting anything more, but Shawn Weaver has written another short story that takes place in the same setting.

Chicago Undead: Deep Freeze follows another survivor’s plight during the Chicago outbreak. The teenage girl’s experience has nothing to do with Robin’s experience in this mini-series, which was a little disappointing. I was hoping that Deep Freeze would pick up where the other left off, but it’s still a good story. While she does have multiple encounters with the undead, there’s not as much action as the first installment, and there’s more of a cliffhanger at the end.

I would love to read a third installment, but I hope Weaver doesn’t go back to the girl…she isn’t a very interesting character, although she may have been limited by the change in weather. Her story takes up a longer time frame than Robin’s misadventure.

Whether you’re into zombies or not, these different tales of survival in Chicago are sure to entertain horror fans.

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