Friday, June 29, 2018

Action and Intrigue As The Hunt Chronicles Continue...

In the months following the Awakening, Christian’s group of survivors grows but they are still outnumbered by the hordes of zombies and scabs plaguing the world. With their security at risk, they must move to safer ground.

When Christian and Boomer get separated from the group, Christian is caught in a life or death struggle forcing him to reveal his immunity and hope he can trust the one person who knows his secret.

After Fish leads a daring rescue to save a group of specialists, they discover the origin of the virus and a plan is forged to get them to the Hoover Dam. New hope is on the horizon until a betrayal within the camp threatens not only Christian’s life but the lives of all humanity.

Revelation by J.D. Demers is the second book in The Hunt Chronicles and begins where Awakening left off, in a manner of speaking. Christian is reflecting on his current situation (trapped and alone) and referencing events which have yet to be revealed to readers, as he continues to write about his personal experience. He continues with the aftermath of the Scab attack on the compound.

The newly formed larger group is forced to relocate. Luckily, Fish had already been making backup plans for such a situation. As time passes for Christian and his companions, more survivors are located and brought into the fortified campground. Not everyone is a team player, so a military structure is established, placing some of the civilians into the chain of command, as well as the active duty and retired soldiers.

A third group of survivors make contact, requesting immediate assistance, leading to yet another frightening discovery about the Scabs, including vital information about the nature of the virus. Even with all their preparation, knowledge and experience, Christian and his new family soon find themselves being torn apart, literally and figuratively.

The question that remains is whether or not Christian's life-altering secret will be enough to save everyone.

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